Creating documentation and processes is a specific area of expertise.

One requires a good analytical skill and a methodology to structure, rework, write information in such a way that the customer can absorb and use the information with minimal effort. Being effective and efficient, using the best information carrier. A specific set of best practices and experience are keywords in obtaining this.

Good (technical) writers are white raven: they are rare.

They must be able to capture and understand knowledge in an extremely fast way. This must be interested in all kinds of technical areas, be good in several languages and didactic techniques. They must be able to use new technology and have a series of additional social and intellectual skills.They are passionate in what they do.

We only work with these white ravens, where discovery, understanding and a passion for writing and information sharing is in the DNA.

For a lot of companies, use of our services is a lot lower then hiring a fixed technical writer, or putting dedicated development staff on these activities.