Cultural analysis: if you don't know is - try it out for only a few persons, or a small department.

Organizations, methods, solutions, products - they are all continuously changing.

If it's not one part of the organization, it's the other.

If business is going well, acquisitions or mergers are ongoing.

A large number of staff can be hired, so again, change is required.

When business is not going well, it might be that staff may need to be laid off - but knowledge should be retained. So knowledge must be shared.

And there are a lot more use cases, such as on innovation and introducing quality management systems.

Point is: if you want to manage change effectively, you need to know the maturity of your organization.

We measure this maturity on all levels: personal, divisional, organizational. Based on that, a change and action plan can be made - a plan which will not fail because you know the maturity.