QMS Maturity

Quality standards define you what you need to implement - not how to implement it. So you can implement the same standard in a way is drags your organization down as a millstone.

Or you can implement the same standard on a way boosting your organisation. And that for a cost which is very much alike.


QMS - Quality Management System

The QMS-maturity of your organisation determines

The optimal way of introducing... 

The speed of introducing...

The optimized solution of...

...the introduction or upgrade of the formal or informal quality management system you need to upgrade.

Imagine you know the QMS maturity of each associate. Imagine you know what the pitfalls and worries are for each associate. And not only for the specific associate, but also for every involved division and - if required - the whole of the organisation.

This will save you a lot of time, energy and money. It will speed-up the introduction/upgrade process of the QMS drastically. You will avoid all pitfalls which are common for quality management systems, but also the (hidden) pitfalls specific for your organisation. It will increase the buy-in of every involved associate drastically - because you can tune your related change management approach according to the collected data.
And that is what you need for an optimized introduction and maintenance of your quality management system.

You can actually see your QMS-maturity grow - and profit from all related results.