A quality management system can be as a mill stone.
It can slow your organization down.
It can cost your organization in terms of money and staff resources.
It might be over controlled and contra-productive.
It might become a system because of the system.
It can create umbrella effects and have a bad impact on culture.
Your organization may loose it's agile and innovative capabilities.

But when implemented the right way, the quality management system answering the same standards can boost your organization, mature your organization, reduce costs and become more innovative and agile.

So how is this possible

Because we are talking about the same standards...

The answer is that by using knowledge management techniques for the introduction of your quality management system,

 the knowledge driven system is carrying your organization

your staff will be empowered

changes will be managed on daily basis and won't take any additional energy.

And auditors love it - so will your customers!