The first question we get is most of the time:
'What is knowledge management?'
The word is self explanatory:
managing knowledge.
'What is knowledge?' is the second question.
And then we can give a very detailed explanation on the types of knowledge and what current definitions are - or share the short version:
Knowledge is what we exchange constantly. It is inside people.
And what is very important:
It is not only in the heads of people, also skills are a kind of knowledge and can be managed.

And additionaly, it is very immortant to realise that the solution is not only software or tools. Knowledge and skills are inside the body of people. Information supporting solutions, and artificial intelligence are (only) supporting.

It is important to see that the knowledge maturity in your company is a major determining factor to define the best solution for your company.

'What business area are you active in?' is the third question.
And the answer is: all sectors.
In whatever sector, knowledge management is of outmost importancy.
There are over 100 strategic goals which can be supported by knowledge management: decrease working pressure, support innovation, reduce training times, introduction of quality management systems supported by the co-workers...
And we are not speaking about 5% of improvement - we are talking tenths of percentages..