We create your internal and external documentation. When we state: 'documentation' this can be documents, knowledge or other platforms, audio files, video files, slides and comments, augmented and virtual reality environments... we adapt the output format to your needs. In case of doubts, we can advise you in the best type of format to create your content in.

A non exhaustive list of documentation types:

  • Customer documentation - this can be very technical information
  • Marketing material for a variety of media (from printed over video to apps)
  • Description of software usage
  • Graphical user interface documentation
  • Retroactively created engineering and internal documentation
  • Description of software and hardware installation
  • Validation software or hardware
  • The description of maintenance of software and hardware
  • Training material for all of the above
  • Offer and tender management
  • Marketing information

Concerning internal documentation:

  • Process descriptions: White ravens have decades of experience in capturing, designing, describing and introducing of processes. These services go well beyond 'standard' documentation assignments.
  • Quality related documents
  • Training documents (class-room, practical, e-learnings for internal and external use).
  • Project Documentation
  • Compliance documentation
  • Release notes
  • Team documentation
  • Test documentation

The subject of documentation can vary from the technical most complicated infrastructure (e.g. satellite communication systems) to simple website texts.

Next to this, we are working only with trusted partners to create content and translations: also in this field we deliver the best quality for the best price.

We can also have a large added value providing advise and implementing documentation strategies. We proved more then once that by introducing small changes in the writing process, the speed and quality can be increased while cost and working pressure are decreased at the same time.