The answer to this question is without a doubt: yes! And we'll prove it via a business case if requested.

Internal processes and how to handle these are a key to your success.

Customer documentation and content can be created by the developing engineers as you go. But the engineers having empathy and being able to write from customer's point of view are very rare: they tend to be stuck to the internal specific language and have difficulties to describe the process from the outside in, as experienced by the customer. Engineers also do not tend to know what they know, and make assumptions in knowledge that customers should have - but may not have.
Marketing and technical staff on the other hand, have difficulties to describe products in sufficient depth.

Net to this, one must realize that describing processes and documentation is truly a separate field of expertise, not being part of any specific education track in Belgium as we speak.

We have build our experience during decades, and ready to use it for you.

Good customer documentation can be reused multi-fold in e.g. marketing, support and education.

Also the tools used to create and publish documentation must be taken into account, and taking the right approach can save you person years in effort or  more!

Further more, we also look at the knowledge itself: the half value time of knowledge is ever decreasing, so documenting might not be worthwhile. You can expect us to advice in this.