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This book is a summary of twenty years of practical knowledge management.
All theories, books and guidelines summarized in one single book.
We publish this book ourselves, in case you're interested, contact us via info@whiteravensconsulting.com for a paper or digital version.

About the Author:

Geert Willems is an expert in knowledge management, having tons of experience to develop and implement knowledge management strategies in companies in different sectors (a.o. telecommunication, construction, food, pharma,...). Geert shares his insights and strategies based on 20 years of experience and literature. In the first book of his triology, Geert summarizes 20 years of knowledge management - and the collection of guidelines and models combined in these 20 years. Other books speak about seven strategies in one book. This first book contains over 164 guidelines, and condenses the theory into two practical models.